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Monthly archive September 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The frontier of technological and scientific developments arising out of the digital and computer revolution – which is summarized by the oncoming convergence of smart phones, robotics, artificial intelligence, internet, 3D printing, big data, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage and quantum computing – is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

History revised by BBM and JPE

Dumbfounded. That was what I was as I watched Part 1 of the interview by Bongbong Marcos (BBM) with former senator Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE).

The trade deficit and the balance of payments: what need be done

A developing country often displays a balance of trade deficit in the course of its economic development. But some more successful countries have used export-driven policies to create trade surpluses that enabled them to pay for their import needs while facilitating the growth of public and private investments and the economy in general.

Judges worth emulating

These regional trial court judges have done what their seniors in the judiciary, all the way up to the top, have failed to do. They have shown that justice can look political power in the eye and not blink.

Inflation, the peso, and overall spending

The rising prices are felt generally across sectors of the economy. However, they accelerate the problems of the most vulnerable, the poor and those whose incomes are not catching up with inflation.

Fabella and Daway-Ducanes on federalism

Businessworld covered a UPSE discussion paper co-authored by Professors Raul Fabella and Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes on federalism.

The facts favor Trillanes

Reader, the “void ab initio” argument that has been used to justify the revocation of the amnesty granted in 2011 to Trillanes et al., is a reprise of the administration’s shamefully successful argument used to kick out Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Will it gain traction?

Philippine growth: Wages, employment, and poverty reduction

Two current World Bank studies dealing on the Philippine economy provide a useful framework for reviewing the status of economic development and of labor market issues in the country.


What follows is a list of Ph.D. graduates of the U.P. School of Economics in chronological order of their graduation. The School has graduated a total of 88 Ph.D.s since its first graduate in 1975.

US trade wars: an update

The US trade wars that were initiated by President Trump early this mid-year are playing out their expected path. There is a high level of tension in the future of trade affecting the major powers, and as a consequence, on that of world trade in general.