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How PH fares in the Human Capital Index

The Human Capital Index (HCI) is the latest indicator that has been formulated (by the World Bank) to help countries achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. But we already have a Human Development Index (HDI), so why the need for an HCI?

Good, bad news on PH human development index

The horrible news: Vietnam now outranks us in the HDI—115th place to our 116th place, with an HDI of 0.683 to our HDI of 0.682

Real score on funds for Bangsamoro

The funds to be transferred to the Bangsamoro have been described as an “additional cost” to be borne not by the Bangsamoro but by the rest of the country, whose taxes will support these allocations.

As train of growth chugs forward, is everyone getting pulled along?

The Aquino III administration is supposedly committed to the lofty goal of strong, sustainable, inclusive growth. But does it really know the meaning of inclusiveness? What does the evidence show about the state of economic, social and environmental inclusiveness of the Philippine economy?

Who are poor and do they remain poor?

Poverty is most severe and persistent for households with low human capital and the effect of human capital varies substantially across locations. Additionally, low human capital households tend to underinvest in the human capital of school-age members, thus likely perpetuating poverty.

Rights and capabilities: reading the Philippines Magna Carta of Women from the perspective of the capabilities approach

Where human rights are viewed as ethical demands, the Magna Carta for Women succeeds in giving attention to aspects of women’s lives that require state support.

Scrap pork, empower provinces

The untranslatable kahindik-hindik is how the Commission on Audit Chair described it. Indeed only the most cynical can read the 453-page COA special report on the allocation and utilization of pork barrel funds from 2007-2009 and not come away appalled.

Pork barrel and agriculture

The latest Philippine Human Development Report (2012/2013), launched last Monday, may not have the most eye-opening, or curiosity-inspiring, of titles—“Geography and Human Development”—but its contents belie whatever humdrum expectations may be implied.

Failing to meet the MDGs

Big gains have been made in at least half of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a United Nations report said. Where does the Philippines stand vis-a-vis the rest of the world?

MDGs and PH: What’s the score?

Most of the Millennium Development Goals have quantitative targets to be achieved by 2015 from baseline indicators as of the early 1990s. With barely three years to go before the milestone, it is timely – nay, urgent – that we check how much progress our country has made toward these goals.

Hollow and shallow

A comparison of growth numbers with key social indicators suggests that the quality of economic growth in the Philippines has been hollow and shallow. While the economy grew 6.1% in the first half of 2012, unemployment and underemployment rose while hunger incidence deepened. For those who were left behind in the growth process, the better-than-expected...

Reality check

October being National Statistics Month, it is particularly timely to give credit where it is due: to the Philippine Statistical System and the NSCB in particular, for doing a great job in spite of the tremendous financial and personnel constraints under which it is operating.