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How PH fares in the Human Capital Index

The Human Capital Index (HCI) is the latest indicator that has been formulated (by the World Bank) to help countries achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. But we already have a Human Development Index (HDI), so why the need for an HCI?

107 million Filipinos in 2018

The National Statistics Authority estimates that this year, our headcount will be 107 million Filipinos. This is based on all known statistical indicators about our population dynamics.

Implement the Reproductive Health Law fully

President Duterte, in his State of the Nation address, said the government would undertake full implementation of the law. In fact, family planning as envisioned by the law is one of the 10 points of his economic program. Lack of attention might have happened due to the focus on the war on illegal drugs.

Sour grapes, and sweet, on RH Law

The verdict by the Supreme Court on the Reproductive Health Law begot not one but two sweet surprises, seemingly gratifying both sides of the RH divide.

Economics education for a future middle class

Instead of emphasizing how students should think of and form opinions on public issues, economics education for high school is likely better focused on helping students help themselves -- i.e., escaping or staying out of poverty.

Win or lose?

This newspaper’s headline was “SC ruling on RH: Win-win,” based apparently on the reactions of both the pros and antis to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Reproductive Health Law, or to the announcement of the decision. No copy of the decision was released then. I decided to wait until I could read the decision...

3 instances of hand-washing in Celdran case

There definitely is a Pontius Pilate flavor in the Catholic Church’s stance on the conviction of Carlos Celdran, who was sentenced to a prison term of two months and 21 days to one year and 11 days for “offending the (sic) religious feelings”.

‘Notoriously offensive’

Two issues stand out with regard to the recent Celdran conviction in the Manila Cathedral incident that merit analysis and discussion. One is the poor quality of the decision made by Metropolitan Trial Court; and the other is the seemingly Pontius Pilate-like stance of the Manila Archdiocese.

Cutting behemoths to size

A “behemoth” is a mythological beast mentioned in Job 40:15-24, and metaphorically refers to a big and mighty entity. The name seems appropriate in reference to the powerful tobacco and liquor industries, besides other monopolies and oligarchies in the country.

One Galileo case is enough for the church

I got a copy of What Happened at Vatican II by John W. O’Malley, SJ, and it is a fascinating read. What O’Malley does is give the reader not just the results but also the context of the topics discussed, a flavor of the discussions/debates, as well as the backroom maneuverings that took place...

Inaccuracies and false choices

The pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) titled “Contraception Is Corruption: Seeking Light and Guidance on the RH Bill,” which was read in churches last Dec. 16, raises more questions than it answers.

RH bill over the hump?

By a decisive vote, the Houseand the Senate approved on Monday evening the long-awaited Reproductive Health (RH) bill. I expect the reconciliation process to be short and sweet, and the two chambers might be ready to vote, as early as Wednesday, on the reconciled version of the RH bill.