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Monthly archive November 2015

DOTC as public disservice

MOBILITY AND connectivity are, in this day and age, part of basic human needs. The DOTC, by definition, provides these public services that directly impact the quotidian wellbeing of practically every citizen.

What’s wrong with the 2016 budget?

The underspending of the Aquino administration is legendary. For the last five years, it has missed its spending targets by a mile.

APEC Summit in Manila cost us between P18- to P30-billion in GDP loss!

The APEC Summit was successful, but at a very high cost to the nation. In sponsoring the meeting, we had options to make it less costly. The government threw away that opportunity by the unwise decision to hold it in Manila where the country incurred big losses in output as a consequence.

Household Coping and Recovery from Nature’s Wrath: Rising from the Ruins of Yolanda

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), one of the strongest storms ever recorded, hurled massive destruction across the central part of the Philippines in Nov 2013. The question foremost in everybody’s mind is whether the Yolanda-affected families have already recovered.

One step back, two steps forward in the power industry

“One step back, two steps forward,” was Mao Zedong’s favorite tactical advice. Sometimes, one step back is the best way forward. One such episode was connected with Oct. 27. That was the date set by law for the issuance of the Implementing Rules and Regulations for DoE Circular 2015-06-008.

Where have the SC justices been?

The condonation doctrine says that if you are a public official and have committed misdeeds, your reelection wipes the slate clean because the electorate had full knowledge of your misdeeds when they cast their votes, and they still voted you back. No administrative charges can be brought against you.

The APEC Summit in Manila and globalization

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting in Manila puts the country on the international map this week.

Risk Management and Coping Strategies: Climate Change and Agriculture in the Philippines

We provide an initial framework regarding priorities for government programs to reduce the natural-disaster vulnerability of farm households in the Philippines.

The truth about the economy under the Marcos regime

Nearly three decades after it ended, still no proper account has been written of the economy under authoritarian rule, which is a big reason that Millennials have only an inkling of what transpired during those years.

APEC: costs and benefits

There are two questions worth considering with regard to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec). The first is: Is the Apec worth it? The second is: Is hosting an Apec meeting worth it?

Helping Cost, Assortative Matching and Production Cycles in the Dynamic Humean Farmer Game

We reformulate the Humean farmer game on the basis of random assignment of advantage and the cost e of helping in another’s harvest. The result is a game that is a coordination game if e ½ which allows a joint treatment of the two interpretations of the Humean farmer game.

The nation during Elpidio Quirino’s presidency, 1948 to 1953

Quirino’s presidency was eventful and positive for the nation. He won a close election on his own in 1949. His accomplishments do not match the low reputation that is associated with his presidency.