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Monthly archive November 2017

Urban squatting

In this piece I focus on giving a still picture of existing squatter settlements in Quezon City where the widest open land of prime value for the nation has been devalued by squatter settlements.

Put the TRAIN back on track

The TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) is being derailed, and I cannot understand why Malacañang called in the senators last Wednesday, apparently to urge them to pass the derailed version. My information is that 16 of them responded.

Historical roots of urban squatting

If there is any disheartening sight of poverty in the country, it is the growth and universal presence of unsightly urban squatting.

Real target growth rate for 2017 is 7-8 percent

Whoa! Reader, let’s not get carried away by the news that our economy grew by 6.9 percent in the third quarter of the year, as shown by the most recent National Income Accounts. And why not? you may ask. Isn’t that great?

The ASEAN Summit, logistical nightmares, and the Phl regional lag

Given the nature of the country’s overextended infrastructure facilities, the demand of such meetings on the existing capacity is massive, so that something had to give. A grand tsunami of disturbance was the inevitable consequence.

Without the US, the TPP is back but for how long?

On sidelines of the APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam, the remaining 11 contracting parties of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal or TPP are expected to sign the TPP-11 trade deal or at least say they will do so in at most a year’s time.

Tribute to Ruping Alonzo by former UP President Roman

Former UP President Emerlinda R. Roman pays tribute to Professor and former University Vice-President Ruperto P. Alonzo.

Duterte and globalization

President Duterte’s 13-minute keynote speech at the Apec CEO Summit was excellent. I don’t know who wrote it, but he read it word for word, with very minor glitches (like when he said “500 centuries ago” instead of “five centuries ago,” in reference to the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade). There was not a single expletive.

Slices of life with Ruping: at work and after hours

Dante Canlas pays tribute to his late colleague Professor Ruperto Alonzo.

The Filipino dream

The Filipino dream can be thought of as a set of good, reachable and desirable outcomes that the average citizen desires to attain. When seen as a collection of wants, it defines a fusion of realizeable goals for the nation

What the rest of the world thinks of De Lima

There is what Mr. Duterte thinks of De Lima, and there is what the rest of the world thinks of De Lima. And the difference is like night and day. Since the rest of the world has no axe to grind, either way it is infinitely more credible.

Tax reform for a higher level of economic development

The tax reform is intended to boost the government’s capacity to finance the nation’s public investment needs to improve the much needed lack in infrastructure facilities. In addition, it aims to sustain targeted social protection programs that help the very poor.