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Monthly archive May 2015

The NPAs in Mindanao

In the course of my travel around Mindanao, I sought the opinion of government officials, elected leaders, businessmen and ordinary people I met concerning the NPA (New Peoples’ Army) rebellion.

The next President should be Noynoy Aquino’s opposite

Studies show that countries that have invested in public infrastructure have a competitive edge over others who have not. But when governments underinvest in infrastructure, making it deficient and unreliable, then infrastructure becomes a major constraint to long-term growth.

Either ridiculous or bordering on it

At last, we now will have a chance to find out not only what the IRP had to say about the Liam Madamba suicide and what kind of officials the British School has, but also what authority the DepEd has over the so-called “international” schools in our country, and how it exercises that authority.

Widodo, the Danes, and lessons from the little match girl

Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl” is the tale I share with my students to welcome the Christmas break. A little girl, clad in rags, blue with cold, and ravaged by hunger, was hawking matches to passing churchgoers and townspeople on a New Year’s Eve.

The sun rises and falls

Not too long ago, solar power was facilely pooh-poohed as a nonstarter. It was casually dismissed as impractical, space-intensive, inefficient and expensive. In terms of social desirability, it was generally regarded a cellar-dweller among the various renewable sources.

From Commodity Booms to Economic Miracles: Why Southeast Asian Industry Lagged Behind

by Jean-Pascal Bassino, Jeffrey G. Williamson. Before the 1950s, Southeast Asian manufacturing hardly grew at all: while commodity export processing did grow fast, import-competing manufacturing and manufacturing for local consumption did not. Singapore and Thailand started recording catching up growth rates on the western leaders only from the 1950s onwards, and Indonesia and Malaysia...

How travel by road and Ro-Ro in LuzViMin can be improved further

To invoke the sense of singleness of geography and love of country, parents used to call their first born child with variants of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, hence, Luzvimin. We ought to think along the same lines.

53 accounts in 4 banks

It seems that former vice mayor Mercado and his charges are being vindicated by the AMLC report. I have only one question: If the Republic of the Philippines has filed a case against the Vice President of the Philippines, shouldn’t he at least resign from his Cabinet position?

Travelling by road and ro-ro to the Visayan islands and Mindanao

It is possible to travel by road from Luzon to any point in the larger islands of the Visayas and Mindanao without riding an airplane. It can be done (by road )with the help of roll-on, roll-off -- or Ro-Ro -- ships.

With serious unemployment and poverty, the government underspends half-trillion pesos

Now, it can be told: President Aquino III has squandered opportunities to address unemployment, poverty, and hunger. The government’s most direct intervention to address these interlinked problems is by spending for public infrastructure, investment in human capital, and social protection.

Management has got to go

More than two months ago I wrote a column about the death of Liam Madamba, a full scholar of British School Manila. What has happened since then?

Limited FDI inflows show that the Philippines is uncompetitive

The Aquino administration, in its final year, and the next administration, has to move heaven and earth to drastically reform the Philippine economic landscape.