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Monthly archive June 2017

Secretary Diokno addresses the UP graduates of 2017

The presence of a strong and competent technical staff in government is a strong buffer against corruption, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness in the government. When you have enough people in the government who are competent and confident in their skills and knowledge, it’s much more difficult for illegal and unethical transactions to pass through.

Commissioner Guanzon addresses the 2017 UPSE graduating class

The tradition of protesting against wrongs is inseparable from our tradition of honor and excellence. It is inseparable because UP brought us up to serve the people, with honor and excellence. So when some say we protest too much, I tell them they protest too little.

Pagpapakilala sa panauhing pandangal

Ang ating Panauhing Pandangal sa araw na ito ay -- tulad ninyo -- isang produkto ng School of Economics ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Diliman.

The Asian Development Bank — 50 years in Manila

The first half-century of successful existence of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is being celebrated this year. Since its founding, the bank’s headquarters has been in Manila.

Saving TRAIN (2)

The most obvious Senate correction needed is to ensure that transfers to the poor do not end after four years, and also to ensure that the petroleum excise taxes from which these transfers will come continue to increase in order to meet growing population needs—which means indexing them

The UP School of Economics and its early years

The passing early this week of Dr. Amado A. Castro, the first dean of the University of the Philippines School of Economics, provides the occasion to comment on the early years of this institution that he helped build as an independent academic unit of the UP.

What I discovered about TRAIN (1)

The total impact of TRAIN is negative for the majority of our people — it will reduce the household income of the bottom 60 percent of our households.

The game changing tax reform facing the nation

The more important question is whether the resulting tax reform law will usher in game-changing conditions we need to carry us forward in economic and social development. This is likely to happen if the full extent of the tax reform components is realized.
Tax reform should include mining

Tax reform should include mining

Cielo Magno was interviewed on ANC Early Edition

A perspective on law and order, and economic growth

The declaration of martial law in Mindanao by President Duterte begs the question, How will it affect the nation’s economic growth performance?