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A successful case of Philippine agriculture

An obscure event that recognizes a foreigner in a recent university commencement exercise sets me to think about a brighter future for Philippine agriculture.

Attracting foreign direct investments: 2019 vs. 1970s

FDIs (foreign direct investments) could add further dynamism to the economy’s capacity for growth. It is worthwhile to compare the climate of foreign direct investment attraction today and those that took place in the 1970s.

Hanjin Philippines shipbuilding bankruptcy

The Philippine business community was rocked on Jan. 8 by the announcement of the bankruptcy of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines – the Korean shipbuilding company based in the country.

New external shock: US stock market plunge

A new external shock to the world economy happened. The US stock market has suddenly turned southwards yesterday after a sustained period of climb.

Low FDI inflows: its genesis

I continue my discussion of last week and hark back to the early part of our independence history.

Made in Bataan – The tennis balls of Wimbledon

Few Filipinos, including those who play the sport, know that the tennis balls of Wimbledon have been made in a Dunlop Slazenger factory in Mariveles, Bataan for some 20 years now.

Economic challenges in the 2nd year of the Duterte government

In Duterte’s time, and reading into plans to spend more for infrastructure and other social programs, the fiscal deficit is likely to worsen.

Road to self-sustaining economic growth and President Duterte’s lament (continued)

Last week’s essay closed by emphasizing the need to pass the comprehensive tax reform program to provide the proper non-inflationary financing for the 10-year development plan that involves higher infrastructure investments and other public spending program.

The macroeconomy and foreign policy rebalancing

Some signs of increased volatility can be found in several short term indicators. We see this from the nervousness of investors as they begin to hesitate to look at the country favorably, because they hear of negative news.

Asean business outlook, US foreign investments, and the Philippines

The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the US Chamber of Commerce undertook its ASEAN business outlook for 2017. It is based on a survey of American business executives located in the ASEAN region. My interest in reviewing this survey is to highlight the implications on the Philippines.

Starting point for new administration

How do we evaluate the performance of the Aquino administration in as objective a manner as possible? If we depend on the opposition’s evaluation, we get all the negatives. If we depend on the administration’s evaluation, we are sure to get only the positives.

Employment market policies under the incoming Duterte government

Employment creation is the most effective weapon against poverty eradication. There are very hopeful signs that the incoming government of president-elect Duterte will move well on this front.