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Embracing the light

Solar PV and storage technology now allow us to transform the abundance of light from a liability into an enormous asset, one which promises to leapfrog the problem of high electricity cost.

Grave abuse of power by the House

Question: Why is a mining company being considered for a franchise as a business in which it obviously has no experience?

The sun rises and falls

Not too long ago, solar power was facilely pooh-poohed as a nonstarter. It was casually dismissed as impractical, space-intensive, inefficient and expensive. In terms of social desirability, it was generally regarded a cellar-dweller among the various renewable sources.

Is the Malampaya fund the new DAP?

The Department of Energy (DoE) authorities warn of rotating brownouts in Luzon ranging from two to seven hours this summer. The reality is that crisis may or may not happen. So, is the energy crisis for real? Or is it just a smokescreen to cover the raid of the Malampaya fund?

Oil prices down: Time to raise taxes on oil?

Filipino consumers should not get used to cheap oil since the country is heavily dependent on imported oil.

The abandoned nuclear power plant, today’s high electricity prices and unsteady supply

Efforts to transfer responsibility for the decision to shelve the nuclear power plant in Bataan from President Cory Aquino came my way via a reaction to my column last week. There is blame shifting for the costly error of the one who made the decision.

Costly mistakes in our nation-building

Big mistakes in nation-building arise out of unwise decisions. Small mistakes that serially get repeated are big mistakes.

Power and the pursuit of equity

The Piketty thesis is being subjected -- as it should be -- to a spirited academic debate. But whatever the final verdict on the thesis, the inequality aversion it triggered is now a global staple.

Folly of government subsidy

President Aquino III got it right when he proposed to increase the fares for the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 and Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 and 2 in his fourth State of the Nation Address. The proposal though unpopular makes good economic sense.

High cost of power plus the shocking Meralco bill

A recent electric shock jolted all customers of the Meralco franchise area. Their bills would rise by P4.15 per kilowatt-hour of consumption. The normal electric bills that we pay are already among the highest in East Asia. When Meralco’s surprise additions are added, we have a truly high cost of electricity.

A call to paranoia

2012 should go down in Philippine history as a magical year. But a year -- however kissed by fortune -- does not make an era. And we need at least an era of persistent good news to bend the arc of our history.

Why is PH experience with LPG so different?

Check it out on the Internet, folks. Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is a favored motor vehicle fuel. Countries like the US, the UK, Australia, and Israel, provide incentives for its use, and the Philippines encourages it.