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Monthly archive October 2017

The American dream, the Chinese dream, and the Filipino dream

Thinking about the Filipino dream arose from a surprise coincidental experience while traveling from Manila to Washington DC via Beijing. While awaiting a connection at Beijing’s international airport, news about the Chinese dream was flashed to the world.

Inclusion and exclusion in TRAIN

There are two flavors of inclusion: one is reduced income inequality; the other is reduced poverty incidence. They are not the same; nor does one necessarily follow the other. So they require different policy responses.

Why Pacquiao deserves kudos

Belated kudos to Sen. Manny Pacquiao, the first senator to figuratively give the finger to the cigarette/tobacco lobby. A week or so ago, he introduced “An Act Raising the Excise Tax on Tobacco Products and Amending for the Purpose Pertinent Sections of the National Internal Revenue Code, as Amended.”

Duterte charisma: a guest appearance in Negros Oriental described

President Duterte has been the most conspicuous of Philippine leaders in decades. His persona is vividly etched in his impact on crowds whenever he speaks and on the reaction that it invites. It is either very charming to the receptive listener or despicable to the hostile and already opposed.

Uncreative distractions

There is a hiatus in the administration’s economic agenda because the attention of its highest leaders is preempted by an agenda of vendetta and scorched-earth politics.

Assessing a president’s behavior

One cannot have failed to notice (I called attention to this earlier) the parallelisms between Mr. Trump and our President. There are two major differences, and the first is that President Duterte has been psychologically examined, because it was a requisite for marriage annulment proceedings.

Washington SyCip, 96: at life’s many stages, a whiz

The outpouring of testimonies to the good and useful deeds he has done attest to a life well-lived. That life involved a search for excellence with hard work and good example.

DU30’s case against Sereno

The Supreme Court ruled that the Piatco contract was void ab initio. And that’s when the fun began, because Piatco and Fraport brought their case to Washington (ICSID) and Singapore (ICC). This is where Sereno comes into the picture.

By John H. Power: Sen. Jose W. Diokno lectures Gerry Sicat on political feasibility of economic policy proposals

John Power was an American visiting professor from the University of Wisconsin who possessed powerful economic insight. He helped contribute to the understanding of the shortcomings and mistakes of Philippine industrial policy that have, however, taken long to correct.

Beyond hyperbole

In the first five months of his presidency, Du30 publicly insulted/excoriated Senator de Lima on at least 22 occasions (or once a week), pronouncing her guilty of complicity in the trade in illegal drugs in the country, accusing her of immorality, and even saying, “I will have to destroy her in public.”