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Monthly archive September 2019

The fair and fearless General Magalong

Well, Reader, I am glad to say that Magalong showed up Ragos for what he was—someone up to his neck in the corruption and drugs that were going on (and apparently still are) in the New Bilibid Prison.

Globalization and its challenges

Last week, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) sponsored a conference, held at the Sofitel Hotel in Manila, on the “new” globalization and the national programs of action to face its challenges.

Finding our balance in modernizing our rice industry

Public support is shifting from rice consumers in 2018 to rice farmers this year. Last year, the country’s inflation rate breached Central Bank’s upper band. Analysts blamed that on rice price inflation, which carries among the largest weight in the consumer’s price index.

Intellectual dishonesty: let the faculty decide

“Honor and Excellence” is the University’s motto, and it is not by accident or literary standards that honor comes first. For without honor, excellence can be totally useless, if not misused.

Crude oil prices to rise: the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil plants

Crude oil supplies – still a major fuel for the world’s economy despite efforts to diversify away from it – are again in uncertain territory.

Three against Leila

All three against Leila. She could take them all on, and win. Only, she’s in jail. So they’re safe.

Bottom-line and Mother Earth meet in the rooftop solar power array

Companies are re-tooling to become the disruptors rather than the disrupted in the solar PV revolution!

Colonial economic and social development: 1898-1941

We explore more aspects of Philippine economic history during the American colonial period (1898 to 1941, inclusive). This was a critical period of preparation for political independence which would become real by 1946.

Let’s hear it for NKTI

The NKTI formula is quite straightforward: Good professional leadership, an excellent, committed staff, and no corruption.

Middle class legislation and its discontents

The recent alarm over falling rice prices after import-quotas were replaced by tariffs points up a larger problem that will increasingly confront Philippine society — the conflict between the interests of a growing middle class and poorer minorities.

National interest versus world welfare

There is a saying. “All politics is local.” Hence, national policies are an expression of local policies. Last week’s topic about the Amazon fires and the danger to world environment is an indication of local politics coming to clash with world welfare issues.

PSA’s assessment: a failing grade for Ph

Are we doing well or not? If you want to make up your mind based on hard evidence rather than press releases, false news, etc., the best place to go is to the PSA itself—its website, in the section called StatDev.