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The Global Peace Index

Of the 19 countries in the Asia Pacific region, the Philippines has the second lowest rank in peacefulness, below North Korea which is ranked the least peaceful.

A perspective on law and order, and economic growth

The declaration of martial law in Mindanao by President Duterte begs the question, How will it affect the nation’s economic growth performance?

Comments on a presentation by John Collins

We would have wanted a calm, dispassionate discussion until we found a safe and humane way to proceed. That is not forthcoming, however, and even as we discuss matters here, in the meantime, the lives of mostly poor people are surely being snuffed out.

‘Lawfare’, not ‘warfare’

It is almost unbelievable that anyone would consider the outcome of the Philippines’ case against China as anything but a resounding victory. And yet, to hear lawyer Estelito Mendoza talk about it, any victory we may have won was a Pyrrhic one—won at too great a cost to be worthwhile for us.

The Arroyo/Mendoza gospel and Carpio’s book

The gospel according to Arroyo/Mendoza is that China’s actions have all been in reaction to the Philippines’ actions. It had no global strategy at all. So if we had just kept quiet, there would be peace now, and President Duterte would not be facing this “most difficult problem.”