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Economic risks of the Build Build Build program

Even if there were no external and political risks facing the Build Build Build program of infrastructure, economic risks present themselves in several forms.

The Build Build Build program and domestic political risk

The nation struggles with the daily reminder of infrastructure deficiency as a major choking point in investment attraction. To relieve that obstacle is, according to one belief, the gateway to a lot of new and good private investments. We all get that message. Infrastructure gridlock is a reality that must be overcome.

Monetary policy addresses current macro challenges

The Bangko Sentral decided to raise the basic interest rate governing domestic lending transactions by 25 basis points. Such a move indicates the monetary policy response to pressure points that are currently showing themselves to economic policy makers.

The ASEAN Summit, logistical nightmares, and the Phl regional lag

Given the nature of the country’s overextended infrastructure facilities, the demand of such meetings on the existing capacity is massive, so that something had to give. A grand tsunami of disturbance was the inevitable consequence.

Tax reform for a higher level of economic development

The tax reform is intended to boost the government’s capacity to finance the nation’s public investment needs to improve the much needed lack in infrastructure facilities. In addition, it aims to sustain targeted social protection programs that help the very poor.

Challenges triggered by absorptive capacity limitations

In our country, the capacity to implement projects already well-conceived on the drawing board often gets waylaid by problems that occur prior to or during the construction stage.

Our transport system, communal pride, and united future

I allowed myself a moment of elation at the announcement of the railway link between Clark and Metro Manila. Such moments are rare in the desert of “sombriety.”
Canlas on Dutertenomics

Canlas on Dutertenomics

While funding a vigorous infrastructure roadmap is a good long term investment for the country, the authorities should make sure that supportive fiscal measures, such as tax reforms for generating higher revenue, are carried out to veer the nation away from getting further mired in debt.

Government “underspending” in perspective: Incompetence, inertia, or indigestion?

The measured underspending over the last 5 years has more to do with ambitious targets rather than apathetic or incompetent bureaucrats.

Macroeconomic directions: Duterte vs. Aquino

What can we expect to be the macroeconomic path of the Duterte administration? Useful hints can be pieced together from recent developments.

Aquino government caught in the inaction zone

On the eve of Mr. Aquino’s exit from Malacañang, it can now be told: the contribution of government to the economic expansion in the last 5 years is nil if not negative.

No brainer: Aquino should have invested more heavily in public infrastructure

The overall state of public infrastructure in the Philippines is dismal. The World Bank and the World Economic Forum ranked the Philippines as the worst among ASEAN-5 economies in terms of overall state of public infrastructure -- road network, airports, seaports, railroads, telecommunications, power, and others.