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Monthly archive March 2014

Conjecture vs. evidence: a reiteration

[with Sharon F. Piza] This is a reply to RV Fabella’s methodological rejoinder to criticisms of his paper ‘CARP: time to let go’.

Great hope for the graduates of the future — big business stirs up private colleges and universities

New investments and new managements are shaking up tertiary educational institutions. Big business has discovered the future of education.

When will Philippine exports rebound?

For a labor surplus economy, it is in the interest of policy makers to see a rebound of Philippine exports so that more decent jobs will be created. But is an exports recovery plan in place?

Time to let go — or not? (2)

CARP needs to be fully implemented, not killed. If every government program is to be scrapped because it has not performed according to target, we would have no education program, no Comelec —in fact, we should scrap the country’s entire medium-term development plan. Does that make sense?

The graduates of the private collegiate system

The graduates of 2014 will be marching soon. My focus today is on the private tertiary educational system.

Why we attract the lowest FDIs

The Philippines was one of the most aggressive in pushing for the ASEAN Economic Community from the original 2020 target year to 2015. But now that ASEAN integration is just around the corner, the Philippines appears to be least attractive investment destination in the ASEAN region. What a pity!

On criticisms of ‘CARP: time to let go’: a methodological rejoinder

This rejoinder is written for a pedagogical purpose: this is a rare opportunity for our students current and past to learn from an actual methodological debate.

Time to let go — or not?

Yesterday, Raul Fabella of the University of the Philippines School of Economics and the National Academy of Science and Technology gave a lecture titled “Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to Let Go.” Note that it wasn’t a question, but a statement.

Time to let go of CARP? Not so fast

[with Sharon F. Piza] The following note seeks to clarify the appreciation of data pertaining to agrarian reform as used in the discussion paper “CARP: time to let go” (henceforth Fabella (2014)).

‘Killing trees for roads’, or for want of a ‘national gardening program’

I dream of roads lined up with evidence of the varieties of native species of trees that we have plenty of. I dream of our forestry and agriculture schools instructing the nation on the care and propagation of native varieties of trees and to make our highways the display museums of our flora.

Future of the 2014 graduating class: bright or bleak?

The unemployment rate in January 2014 is inconsistent with the picture of a growing economy. The rate of joblessness has bounced back to 7.5%; yet even this number understates the gravity of the unemployment problem.

Intergenerational poverty and joblessness

Perennially bugging the national leadership and society at-large has been persisting poverty even during periods of economic growth appreciably higher than its long-term norm. It is intimately linked to joblessness which the Social Weather Stations (SWS) latest survey reported last February 11 at 25.2 percent for 2013.