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Monthly archive March 2019

World economy toward slowdown?

Away from the day-to-day happenings in Manila and secluding myself in a daughter’s house in the US to finish a number of my long-delayed writing projects – I cannot fully ignore what happens in this highly connected world.

Embracing the light

Solar PV and storage technology now allow us to transform the abundance of light from a liability into an enormous asset, one which promises to leapfrog the problem of high electricity cost.

Will the real President please stand up?

A hundred million thank you’s to Conchita Carpio Morales and Albert del Rosario. For taking up the cudgels for more than a hundred million Filipinos who have stood helplessly by as China made inroads into Philippine territory and sovereignty over the past 20 or so years.

Laurel-Langley trade agreement and reparations from Japan — Magsaysay presidency (2)

During Magsaysay’s presidency, the country concluded two agreements with important economic consequences for the future.

Managing change under the RTA law

There is urgency in issuing the IRRs. There is always time to refine the IRRs. Filipinos would certainly not be happy to see the IRRs in April or May only to find out also that rice prices would start to go up because there is not enough rice in the country today.

Another crisis: the budget

Does the budget document that survived the bicam reflect the priorities in the PDP? That is really the question we should ask.

Ramon Magsaysay – an unfulfilled presidency

Ramon Magsaysay was at the peak of his popularity when the airplane he was riding crashed off Mount Manunggal in Cebu. It was near midnight of March 16, 1957 shortly after takeoff in clear weather. That crash need not have happened. Magsaysay was just nine months and a half short of finishing his first term...

Why is the President so enamored of China?

The question is: Why is President Duterte so enamored of China, when the rest of the world is having second thoughts?

Attracting foreign direct investments: 2019 vs. 1970s

FDIs (foreign direct investments) could add further dynamism to the economy’s capacity for growth. It is worthwhile to compare the climate of foreign direct investment attraction today and those that took place in the 1970s.

What promises has he kept?

Hardly had the ink dried on this newspaper when Duterte praised himself rather effusively last Saturday for fulfilling ALL of his promises, except for the Edsa traffic problem

Restoring Manila Bay is like unclogging Manila’s traffic

The restoration of Manila Bay’s pristine quality the way it was before, or how we want it to be, is a long-term project. It will require large private and public investment in resources.