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Economic integration in East Asia — the long view

Current disruptions that happen as a consequence of the US-China trade war or Brexit will not deter the economic integration that is happening within East Asia and ASEAN.

The ASEAN Summit, logistical nightmares, and the Phl regional lag

Given the nature of the country’s overextended infrastructure facilities, the demand of such meetings on the existing capacity is massive, so that something had to give. A grand tsunami of disturbance was the inevitable consequence.

ASEAN at 50

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. This mid-centennial celebration honors our country in a special way, for, by a lucky turn in the duties of rotation, the Philippines is the association’s chairman during such a special year.

Gearing the Philippines for ASEAN Economic Community

This paper argues that the way for the Philippines to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is not through ASEAN but through the world. Being good neighbors will define the AEC and how the Philippines fits into it—not necessarily in the way it was planned.

Limited FDI inflows show that the Philippines is uncompetitive

The Aquino administration, in its final year, and the next administration, has to move heaven and earth to drastically reform the Philippine economic landscape.

ASEAN integration: for some member-countries, it’s swim or sink

The ASEAN is determined to establish the ASEAN Economic Community by Dec. 31 this year -- ready or not. It is fully aware of the dangers that lurk ahead, that its member countries are at different stages of development. But like a mammoth ship that has embarked on a dramatic journey, the laggards among its...

How to harness the opportunities from Asean Economic Community 2015

Being part of the AEC will bring in some gains for us. But the important issue is how we can harness the greatest amount of gains from the opportunities that are being opened to us within Asean.

Can PH face up to AEC challenge?

A plethora of explanations has been advanced why the Philippines (PH) has fallen well behind the other four Asean originals. This ranges from the protectionist policies for so-called infant industries from external competition, political instability particularly in the 1980s that practically shooed away Japanese FDIs to the country’s neighbors, weak governance and dysfunctional institutions,...