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Monthly archive December 2017

Translations in literature: English to Filipino

A few days before Christmas, I was in a bookstore looking over titles that are worth reading and gifting. For me, a trip to a bookstore is mainly one of quiet adventure and discovery.

What to expect in 2018 for the economy

At this time of the year, many are wondering what 2018 holds for the Philippine economy.

To have the spirit of Christmas

It is two days before Christmas, Reader—two “tulogs” to go—and I am delighted to report that the Christmas spirit came upon me just about a week ago

Unmistakable signs of deference to executive branch

A new constitution, with its accompanying transitory provisions, would give the President the power that he needs, without the extraconstitutional revolutionary government to which the military said it would not accede.

The communist rebellion and our Republic

Intransigence and unreasonable demands of the communist negotiators have led to what appears to be a permanent break in the talks. The communists have lost a chance to put closure to a long civil conflict with the Republic of the Philippines since independence in 1946.

Garin met with Sanofi in May 2015

Ms Garin is now an adviser of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, and has, in an effort to escape responsibility, laid the blame for the vaccine mess on her then boss, then President Benigno Aquino III.

Constitutional amendments: Federalism vs reducing restrictive economic provisions on foreign capital

As a nation of many islands, there are geographic problems that make it naturally difficult to group the state entities for their effective government administration. The proposals we hear for the states of the federal union seem to parody the current administrative regions of the country. It would be a mistake to do this.