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Foundation for Economic Freedom and economic policy reform

I was at the launch of a book made from selected writings of five economists associated with the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF).

Raul Fabella’s response at the book launch of “Momentum”

Response delivered in behalf of the authors.

Factors that still afflict us in a growing economy

The overall management of the country’s macro-fundamentals in the midst of a higher investment effort has enabled the country to sustain a growing economy. Yet, the country still has many microeconomic and sector issues that need improvement. Indeed, we are faced with many problems that continue to afflict and negate the economy’s forward motion....

Middle class legislation and its discontents

The recent alarm over falling rice prices after import-quotas were replaced by tariffs points up a larger problem that will increasingly confront Philippine society — the conflict between the interests of a growing middle class and poorer minorities.

Toward an investment-driven growth

The Duterte administration has introduced investment-driven growth and has raised the growth rate. However, the quality of the economic growth still needs to improve so that the economy’s modern sector of industry and commercial services becomes highly productive.

Deeper economic reforms a must after Duterte’s midterm victory

Some foreign observers look at this victory as “weakening” Philippine democracy. This is foolish judgment. The vote was firm and strongly indicated a landslide victory in a fair exercise of the vote, which is the mark of any democracy.

What promises has he kept?

Hardly had the ink dried on this newspaper when Duterte praised himself rather effusively last Saturday for fulfilling ALL of his promises, except for the Edsa traffic problem

Economic development: what we do well and what we don’t

Much of economic development is an accumulation of improving ways of doing things. Dramatic improvements in the development process often result when we learn how to plan and execute properly.

Inflation, the peso, and overall spending

The rising prices are felt generally across sectors of the economy. However, they accelerate the problems of the most vulnerable, the poor and those whose incomes are not catching up with inflation.

The fiscal cost of shifting to a federal structure

The draft federal constitution of the ConCom (Constitutional Committee) submitted to the Congress for adoption has huge budgetary implications on government operations which may likely cause a fiscal crisis.

The draft federal constitution: the case against a long, complex constitution

The draft federal constitution for the Philippines presented by the Constitutional Commission is a long, 82-page document, presented in single-spaced typed text, coming to a total of 30,516 words. Just for perspective, the document is 6.7 times longer than the original US Constitution that went into effect in 1789

Lessons from KISS!, Wimbledon and football 2018, and the draft federal constitution

Management experts tell us about the virtue of KISS! –”Keep It Simple, Stupid!” In short, this advice or admonition means “the simpler, the better.” Perhaps, wisdom epitomizes the phrase, “Less is more!”