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Weaponizing the rule of law

Permit me, Reader, to comment on two recent events that I passed up because of my concern for the University of the Philippines.

Why should Albayalde resign or be fired?

It brings to mind a picture of hyenas circling around their prey for the kill—or a crowd turned into a mindless mob rushing over anyone in their way. I am talking about this get-Albayalde movement, this insistence that he resign as chief of the Philippine National Police.

Three against Leila

All three against Leila. She could take them all on, and win. Only, she’s in jail. So they’re safe.

Free Sen. Leila de Lima

I am again writing about the case described by Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as “one of the grossest injustices ever perpetrated in recent memory in full view of the Filipino people and the whole world.”

Apologize to Trillanes’ mother, Mr. President

All this bluster does not help—your reputation, your credibility, our country. Who wants to have a President who is caught in a barefaced lie? Man up, Mr. President.

Twilight of the rule of law

The MWSS decision constitutes a rape of the rule of law even if the concessionaires decided to hold their horses. If left to stand, it establishes a precedent that a guilty party can reap political pogi points by scapegoating a vulnerable party.

Duterte’s abuse of power

Get real Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16 February 2019   Last week’s column described how President Duterte unleashed, or caused to be unleashed, the full powers of government against one woman—Sen. Leila de Lima—which has resulted in her being incarcerated for two years now, while embroiled in legal battles (three, so far), fighting charges that can...

The shameful persecution of Leila de Lima

On Feb. 25, we will be celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolt that bloodlessly and peacefully toppled the Marcos dictatorship. The whole world—which, thanks to TV, was watching—was unanimously in praise of the efforts of the Filipino people.

Implement, not further amend, the law

Reader, I’ve been doing more research into the issue of lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) to 12 years and one day of age.

Head-spinning judicial decisions

Decisions, decisions. Judicial, that is. The news has been full of them lately.

Carpenter versus plunderer

“Lo! unto us a child is born!” Not just any child but a child of a carpenter who would follow in his father’s footsteps (Mark 6:3). Carpentry creates value as it transforms plain wood into a beautiful cabinet. Honest hard work is carpentry’s signature. It is the exact opposite of plunder.

UN: De Lima’s detention a failure of government

The WGAD explicitly found that De Lima's detention “lacks legal basis” and, most importantly, resulted from her personal convictions and public statements regarding extrajudicial killings in the country and from the exercise of her right to take part in the government and the conduct of public affairs.